River Leash

Releasable river leash with optional ankle cuff.  Essential gear to play safe on the river.  An ankle leash can get caught and it can be impossible to reach your ankle against the force of the river.  Take a lesson to get started safely and always use a releasable leash or none at all on the river.



Roller Bag

Large roller bag...fits your SUP, pump, paddle, leash and fins with room to spare.  Includes compression straps on the outside to hold everything firmly in place, a front pocket for accessories and a card slot to ensure you can ideantify your bag when you're out with the rest  of the Kootenay PDL Crew.  Roll it or carry it with the options backpack straps.


Bravo 101 SUP Pump

Double action pump with high pressure discharge on the outside of the main chamber to significantly improve pump efficency over other double action designs.  This pump has a 2x1.5l (1500cc) capacity and max pressure of 27.5psig and Kootenay PDL has found it to inflate 30% faster than other double action designs.


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