Sustain 11'x32"x6" iSUP.png

MSRP $1,399 CDN

(6" thickness:  board, pump and bag)

MSRP $1,449 CDN

(5" thickness: board, pump and bag)

Sustain 11' x 32" Inflatable (5" or 6" thickness)

Designed for a smooth, and stable glide on flat water and on Class I rivers for new or intermediate paddlers or as a white water racing board for experts.  The pointed nose and relatively narrow width improve tracking, allowing more paddle strokes per side and increased speed.  Available in 5" thickness with PVC & Dyneema stringers for added stiffness or in 6" thickness with special edition graphics for 2021.

MSRP $1,449CDN

(board, pump and bag)

Attain 9'6" x 36" x 6" Inflatable

For whitewater running and river surfing.  The 36" width gives the board great stability in bigger water, while the shorter length, and generous nose rocker allow for quick eddy turns and agile play on river waves.  PVC & Dyneema stringers provide improved stiffness, durability, and help to lock in board rocker.


(board, pump and bag)

10th St Wave 7'6" x 33" x 5" Inflatable

Designed for river surfing.  This short, agile board was inspired by the 10th St Wave in Calgary Alberta.  We wanted to design a stand up surf board that could squeeze into tight river waves and deliver performance as close as possible to a hard board without the same risk of damage.  Reduced thickness lowers the rider's center of gravity and improves carving.  Modest rocker to maximize speed on the wave.

MSRP $1,499 CDN

(board, pump and bag)

MSRP $1,299 CDN

(board, pump and bag)

Pivot 14' x 27" x 6" Inflatable

Fitness, Racing, Multi-day Trips. At 14' long with a narrow 27" width, this board delivers excellent glide.  If you are looking for a fast touring and racing board that you can take with you everywhere, nothing fits the bill as well as the Pivot.  PVC & Inflatable Composite stringers significantly improve stiffness.

Juice 9'9" x 32" x 5" Inflatable

Designed for ocean surfing, but also very comfortable as a relaxed lake cruiser with a strong surf vibe.  Reduced thickness to lower rider's center of gravity and improve carving performance.  PVC & Dyneema stringers enhance stiffness and lock in modest rocker.

Board Specs and Package Details

  • 1.4mm thickness top and bottom (PVC laminated to high density dropstitch)

  • Triple layer PVC rails (0.55mm + 0.9mm +0.9mm)

  • 20 psig maximum inflation pressure

  • Bravo Super Pump

  • Releasable Leash (All Models)

  • High quality roller bag with shoulder straps

  • Pivot fin setup

    • Air7 US Box with 9" race and 4.6" flex centre fin

  • Sustain fin setup

    • Air7 US Box 9" screwless and 4.6" flex centre fin

    • Air7 FCS 4.3" click side fins

  • Attain fin setup

    • Air7 US Box 4.6" and 3" centre flex fins

    • Air7 FCS 2" click side fins

  • 10th St Wave

    • 3 Air7 FCS 4.3" and 2" click fins

  • Juice

    • Air7 US Box 8" centre fin

    • 2 Air7 FCS 4.3" click fins

  • Option to package with 3 piece carbon or fiberglass adjustable paddle

Warranty Policy

Kootenay PDL products are guaranteed to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship (2 Years for Boards, and 1 year for Bag, Pump, Leash, or Fins). Products found to be defective will be repaired or replaced at Kootenay PDL option. Repairs or replacements due to normal wear and tear, accident, abuse, etc., are possible for a reasonable charge.

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